Chomp! Chomp! Safari

Chomp! Chomp! Safari 1.9

Chomp! Chomp! Safari is a game where you have to feed animals
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Chomp! Chomp! Safari 1.9 is a game where you have to feed animals. Your goal in this game is to feed all the animals that appear in the grid, giving them the right food, before times runs out, or you run out of food. You will achieve this by picking different kinds of food and placing it adjacent to a group of similar animals. For example, you will have to feed monkeys with bananas, and lions with meat. Those groups of animals will be cleared from the screen once you feed them. You must be quick, otherwise the animals will exceed the available space, and you´ll lose a life. If you complete your job, you will be rewarded with money, that you can spend buying some power-ups for the next level (things like mega chomps, no obstacles, no poaches, no stampede, etc.). Chomp! Chomp! Safari can be played in three modes: Attack (where you must be fast, no strategy), Adventure (where you can apply strategy, being fast) and Puzzle (where no speed is required). The trial version will let you play for sixty minutes.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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